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Active International captures the power of active compounds of terrestrial or marine plants in order to provide powerful solutions to cosmetic products.

Specialist of petroleum jellies and mineral oils, this supplier offers a complete range of gelling agents and thickeners of fatty phases.

Specialized in the biotechnology of microalgae. ALGAKTIV® only uses specific fractions rigorously selected for each of their actives.

Aloe Corp is an American supplier offering a complete range of Aloe Vera. Thanks ot its patented manufacturing processes, Aloe Corp go beyond classic standards of Aoe Vera.

This American ingredients manufacturer offers: conditioners, functional surfactants, rheological agents, and a wide range of emollients.

Antalgenics is a biotechnology company specialized in the development of high-performance neurocosmetic ingredients. They develop active molecules designed to act through innovations in sensory neurobiology.

Manufacturer from New Zealand specialized in the culture, extraction and production of high quality astaxanthin made from microalgae. Natural and sustainable, these ingredients are used in the food and cosmetic fields.

B&B is a Korean leader in the manufacture of high purity multifunctional cosmetic ingredients.

Expert in the encapsulation, stabilization and solubilization of cosmetic ingredients, Biogenics contributes to the development of raw materials in the cosmetics industry.

CHINA SINOPHARM, is one of the world leaders in the pharmaceutical field. This supplier provides high purity actives.

A leading company in the export of natural alpha Bisabolol from Candeia, for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. To guarantee quality, purity and sustainability of their products, the company constantly invests in the planting and management of Candeia in its own farms.

COSPHACTEC is a German manufacturer specialized in alternatives to preservatives and high quality multifunctional natural derivatives. It promotes sustainable raw materials that respect the skin and the environment.

Korean supplier of high quality pearl pigments for cosmetic.

DCT is a Korean supplier specialized in the trading of raw materials for the cosmetic industry but also in the production of a specific active ingredient.

Supplier of 100% natural Tara gum for the cosmetic industry. The objective of this supplier is to give added value to the this Peruvian plant.

ELECO CHEMICAL produces high purity surfactants.

Korean manufacturer of active ingredients, GFC is specialist on innovative ingredients.

Colombian supplier of butters, essentials oils and exfoliants of natural origin.

Founded in 1967 in Korea, GS Caltex is a leader in the energy industry. This partner uses biochemical and chemical synthesis technologies for research on green technologies and produces GreenDiol™ with a production process 100% biobased by natural fermentation.

HOCK CHEMIE is specialized in the manufacturing of minerals and minerals coated with natural derivatives.

HUBEI YIZHI KONJAC BIOTECHNOLOGY is a supplier of Konjac gum, widely used in food and cosmetic fields.

Ikeda Corporation offers a wide variety of high quality cosmetic ingredients.

Industrial Química Lasem is a Spanish producer specialized in oleochemistry. This supplier offers a wide range of emollients and emulsifiers.

Specialist in the manufacture of polymers, INTERPOLYMER has developed a range of functional products for cosmetics.

Specialist in high-tech inorganic pigments, JGC C&C offers a full range of products for all applications.

Biotechnology specialist. Supplier of cosmetic and pharmaceutical active ingredients.

Manufacturer with a broad portfolio of high-quality ingredients aimed at a wide range of industries, such as pharmaceutical, human nutrition and personal care.

Manufacturer of high-quality chemicals for a wide variety of fields, focusing on three main business areas: basic chemicals, electronic materials, and performance materials, including cosmetics.

Malaysian supplier, specialized in sericite production for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Specialized in the production of niche ingredients from African plants. This supplier promotes the sustainable agriculture, the circular economy and the respect of the environment.

Producer and exporter of honey since 1920, MIDLANDS guarantees high quality and respect of biodiversity though its products.

NEYBER SAS is dedicated to research, development and production of natural botanical raw materials for cosmetics.

NFC CORP. is specialized in the research, development and manufacture of cosmetic ingredients.

Supplier of a wide range of high-quality nonionic emulsifiers.

NISSHIN OILLIO, Ltd. is a Japanese company specialized in manufacture and processing of oils and fats since 1907. This supplier develops functional raw materials, highly stable esters, gelling agents and emulsifiers for the cosmetic fields.

Dutch supplier specialized in next generation chemicals derived from biomasses. NXTLEVVEL provides high performance solutions for sustainable chemistry through bio-solvent technology.

PMC OUVRIE is a French manufacturer of hydrocolloids developed using biological fermentation processes.

Created in 2000, PolymerExpert is specialized in the research and development of polymers for medical devices. They produce their polymers according to the strict rules of the pharmaceutical market and decided to put their know-how at the service of the cosmetics sector. Committed to an eco-responsible and natural approach, PolymerExpert develops biosourced polymers.

POLYNT is an Italian company founded in 1955. This international group is one of the main producers of specific polymer chemical intermediates.

PREMIUM ORGANIC is a biotech company specialized in the development of a natural peloid extract for the personal care, cosmetic and health industries. Their innovative process allows the best part of the biomass to be extracted durably.

One of the biggest manufacturers of cellulose esters in the world. Se TYLOSE offers a complete range of hydroxyethyl cellulose for cosmetics.

Japanese manufacturer of active ingredients used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

International group, offering a full range of surfactants, guars and its derivatives and emollients.

One of the main Thai manufacturers of botanical extracts for pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields.

TC USA offers butters, surfactants and sensory emollients.

THE GARDEN OF NATURAL SOLUTION is a Korean manufacturer of natural cosmetic ingredients, specialized in the development of natural extracts.

Manufacturer specialized in the synthesis of cosmetic ingredients. TINCI MATERIALS offers carbomers, conditioners, emulsifiers and surfactants.

Major manufacturer of active ingredients from fermentation or bio transformation.

UNITED ACTIVE develops patented encapsulation technologies based on bio-conversion and fermentation to create raw materials improving stability, penetration and efficiency.

VARIATI& Co., S.p.a. offers high quality functionnal ingredients of natural origin.

Italian supplier of high performance mica and kaolin of European origin.

Verdant is a leading U.S. manufacturer of surfactants and specialty chemicals. This supplier provides personal care, home and hygiene, and industrial markets. He offers a growing portfolio of sustainable solutions and is continuously exploring new opportunities.

Vertellus is a leader supplier of castor oil derivative ingredients. Their catalog includes emollients, wetting agents for pigments and emulsifiers for any cosmetic application.

Manufacturer specialized in the research and manufacture of vitamins and APIs. Their main products are vitamin B derivatives, as their core competence being the production of D-Panthenol.

YOKOZEKI OIL & FAT INDUSTRIES offers high quality vegetable oils and waxes.

Manufacturer with over 50 years of experience in producing a diverse range of ingredients for pharmaceuticals, human nutrition, and cosmetics. Zhejiang Medicine Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of, among other things, vitamin E, vitamin A and coenzyme Q10.